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Yoga at Balance 149


Yoga at Balance 149 was founded by two friends and the studio lies in the heart of Kreis 4 in Zürich. We wanted to create a space where we could share our love for yoga in an intimate way. The classes cater to every level and have a maximum of seven yogis participating which allows the teacher to focus more individually on each student.

Come by, unwind and let’s flow!




Billie Klaus

I teach Vinyasa Flows with elements from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The Ashtanga gives structure and dynamics to the practice, while the Vinyasa leaves room for creativity and trying new things. We usually end the class with some Yin Yoga poses. It is my goal to make the active, dynamic practice accessible to as many people as possible through variations. My classes are held in Swiss German, but can also be taught in English or High German upon request.

Laura Parker

The focus of my class is nervous system regulation and how can we support this with yoga by doing what feels good for you and your body in that moment.

It is a dynamic vinyasa flow with elements of holding asanas, restorative yoga and breathing to connect body and mind. I teach my group classes in English and private classes in English or Swiss German.  

Vinyasa Flow
1 h 15 min
Seg, Ter, Dom
Morning Yoga Flow
1 h
Ashtanga Inspired Vinyasa Flow
1 h 15 min
YOGA SCHEDULE from August 2022.jpg
Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga


- Reduces stress

- Improves focus

- Improves posture

- Increases energy


The class is taught over live video conference in English or German with an unlimited number of participants possible.

For more information or for a tailored-made offer for your team please get in touch with us.

Give yourself and your team a short 15 - 20 min break during the day to unwind, destress and refocus. 

All the poses can be done seated at the desk or standing and are appropriate for all levels.



Yoga at Balance 149

Praxis Balance 149

Stauffacherstrasse 149, 8004 Zürich

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